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Copper and FO cable certifier up to 2500 Mhz, WireXpert 4500 , ostalo, WX4500-FA-V2

Robna marka: ostalo
Part No.: WX4500-FA-V2
Šifra: 7146
Jamstvo: 12 mj.
108.136,88 kn
Tehničke značajke:
For precise standard, compliant certification of structured cabling systems with a frequency range of 1 to 1600 MHz • Standards: ISO/IEC11801, Cenelec EN50173 and TIA568 • TP-cable certification 1 to 1600 MHz for: C / D / E / EA / F / FA / & Cat.3 / 5e / 6 / 6A / 7 / 7A • Operating concept: Dual-control system (DCS“TM“) with two identical handsets • High precision, exceeds Level IV • Professional documentation generator • Impact-proof case, fall and shock-proof-design, long battery life • Optional WireXpert Fiber Adapters offer full certification testing for multimode and singlemode fiber installations. Dual wavelength end-to-end testing is supported for both SM and MM fibers • Power Supply: Removable / rechargeable Lo-ion accu provide about 8 hours of continuous operation • External power adapter: 100..240 V AC, plugs into the power jack of the unit • Dimensions: 232 x 126 x 86.7 mm, weight ca. 1.4 kg • Memory: More than 500 MByte (more than 2000 test results) of internal flash memory • USB flash driver (1 GB included, 32 GB max.) allows for flexible test record storage

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